Dig in has been dug

The day had arrived: it was all systems go for Dig in at the Dock 2013.
I say that, but my wee boy has been sick recently and this had been keeping my wife and I up late the last few nights.  (My wife has borne the brunt of this and was knackered!)  So I was torn between looking after them and racing.  In the end we both felt it was ok for me to go, so off I went!

Dig in 2012 was a great event and you can read more about it here.
But the 2013 was a real step up from last year.

The organizers did well to generate a lot of interest in the race and surrounding events.  A top class field ensured spectators would see a fast and competitive race, while a dozen or so of the best Scottish bike shops were there displaying their wares.  DJs kept the BPM high while a samba-style band did their best to gee the riders on.   The crowd was huge all around the course and made their presence felt with hoops, hollers, heckling and cow bells pealed out from every corner of the dock.   Even the weather played a part, with dry and fair conditions all day.

So to the race.

The field was a whopping 119 and came from all corners of Scotland and beyond to see if they could topple James McCallum & Eileen Roe from their thrones as King & Queen of the dock.  The riders massed for the start signal and the air crackled with nervous energy.  And with a bang we were off.  Right from the gun the favourites for the men’s race piled it on, with Rab Wardell building up a small lead of several seconds over Gareth Montgomerie & McCallum, followed closely by Tom Evans & Davie Lines.  But within a couple of laps it Montgomerie & Wardell had pulled away from the rest of the field and made it a two-horse race. The two were locked together in a titanic struggle for five laps, with neither able to put daylight between themselves and the other.  On the bell lap (the 11th) Wardell made a move to finally shake off Montgomerie and solo to the victory, while McCallum battled to a valiant third place to round out the podium

In the women’s race Eileen Roe proved too strong for the field as she smashed her way around the course in a dominant display.  She retained her title as Queen of the Dock ahead of Kiwi Gen Whitson & Lucy Grant.  To make it a family affair, her dad, Brendan Roe finished as best-placed over-50. 

Men’s Race

1/ Rab Wardell (Alpine Bikes Trek)
2/ Gareth Montgomerie (GT Racing)
3/ James McCallum (Rapha Condor))

Women’s Race

1/ Eileen Roe (Scotland)
2/ Gen Whitson (Ronde)
3/ Lucy Grant (Peebles CC)

I had a rotten race and finished well down the field, limping in 111 of 113 finishers.  On the one hand I’m a bit disappointed at finishing so far back, on the other, you get out what you put in.  And I’ve not putting in anywhere as much as I should have over the last couple of months.  On the plus side I know what I need to do for my next ‘cross race at the Scottish Champs.  Go faster!

Some classic heckles aimed at me during the race:

John McComiskey: ‘you’re no a cross virgin anymore’.
James McCallum:’ you’re not trying hard enough.’

Cheers lads!

Dig in 2013 has been well and truly dug!

Bunnet to the boys for organizing a great day and roll on Dig In 2014!

Full results here

And Facebook page with tons of photos and links to pics here


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