31:23 : a report of my first open time trial

What could you do in 31 min 23 seconds?

Maybe read a chapter or two of the book you are currently reading?
Or watch an episode of your favourite TV show?

I participated in my first ever open 16km (10 mile) time trial on Sunday morning, and that was my time – 31:23.

Abysmal is the only word I have to describe the weather, as heavy rain and strong gusty wind turned a Sunday morning spin into a serious struggle. It took me a while to get up sign-on, by which time I was soaked to the skin.  I am not the lightest rider, but I reckon my gear had soaked an extra kilo or two of rainwater, slowing me down more than usual.

So I arrived on the start line feeling like a drookit rat.

Someone had warned me that the second couple of miles of this out and back course was quite exposed to a cross-head wind, but you got something in return on the way home, as the cross-tail wind drove you to the line.

My plan was to basically fight to the 5 mile mark and ‘limit the damage’.  Then wind it up on the return leg to pull back lost time, all the while trying to finish below 30 minutes.  The initial tempo I set myself was quite encouraging, but, sure enough, the speed dropped as the road opened up,  and I found myself saying, ‘try and hold 30kph… try and hold 29kph… …try and hold 26kph!

I hit the turn with the knowledge I was well behind schedule and started to crank things up and take advantage of any tail wind. I was unable to find any real rhythm as the wind blasted; my bike computer veered between 30 and 38kph as I struggled to claw back the lost seconds on the first half of the ride.

I limped across the line in 31:23 and made for home, via the sign-on location to hand in my race number (62).  Within minutes of getting off the bike my legs started to tighten up and I was in quite a lot of discomfort: it felt like my hamstrings were cramping up.

So what did I learn?

1) TTing is fun, even in testing  conditions
2) I need to get my summer bike set up properly
3) Time to get some serious training in on the bike to break the ’30’ (and keep going).
4) Maybe invest in a pointy hat & tribars at some point.

Full results here

Next TT is a club confined 5m (8km) over the home leg of Sunday’s race.
So hoping for lots of following wind…


6 thoughts on “31:23 : a report of my first open time trial

  1. ormy first 10 was 19.47 but i’m a phenomenon and not a good yardstick….just do your best…
    keep going if you prefer


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