A New Year’s Revolution & Rouken Glen

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t blogged for a long time.  But since I barely turned a wheel in anger for too long, there was not much to write about.

However I made some personal promises to myself a few weeks back.
This concept may be familiar to you as ‘a New Year’s Resolution’.

One of these was to get more miles on the bike, and in the process ride more cross and race a wee bit again.

I got out during the Christmas break on some nice ‘cross rides, on routes close to home which I never knew existed. In fact, I have cycled past some of these on a regular basis without making that left/right turn.  It was certainly worth getting out.

Strange to think the weather was this nice in January:

Bothwell Castle

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The Battery near Blantyre

So with a couple of ‘cross rides under my belt and a few sessions on the turbo I got on with racing some Cyclocross at Rouken Glen.  I was keen to see how I would fair in the ‘B’ race versus people I had struggled to keep up with last year.

The course itself was fantastic, with snow, some mud, steep drop offs & run ups plus some great wooded single track and hairpin sections. And great crowds & organization.

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Rouken Glen : Sunny in January again?

There was a long uphill start followed by a dash into the trees, then another drag up the side of a gully and into the woods again. I held my own in the pack for longer than I thought I would, but a slip on an exposed tree trunk swiftly followed by overshooting a corner dropped me down a peg or two.

Then I played cat-and-mouse with a couple of guys for a couple of laps before I had a wee problem with my pedal cleat, which wouldn’t release.

By then I had lost too much ground and it was all about getting to the finish line, sore and tired and near the back of the field, two laps down on the winner.  I did manage to collect some beer tokens during the ‘handup’ which I was able to convert into hard bottles of beer (x3), which are still chilling in the fridge.

And I was able to watch the A race after my own and see how the really rapid guys do it!

The day was fast, furious and fun, and reminded me why I love ‘cross so much.

So on to the next race at Foxlake on Saturday near Dunbar.

‘Hup hup hup’


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