The Lost Art of Riding a Bike

2014 was a bit of a gap year… very little by way of riding my bike, and next to no activity on here.  I could go on at length the reasons why, job pressure, family life, lazyitis.  But I won’t bother.

Instead I thought I would have a wee look at the highlights of 2014, because I didn’t bury the bike by any manner of means.

In May I tackled the well-known Etape Caledonia.
This is a gentle 80 mile pedal around the glorious Perthire Hills.
The roads are closed to motorized traffic and 5000 cyclists are free to rip it up.

There is one big climb on this route, up the Schiehallion, and this is tough, but the payoff is being able to really smash it on the descent without having to worry about oncoming traffic.

This was a grand day out and I would certainly recommend taking part in at least one such mass-participation event.

A little later in the year I went out to Ibiza on holiday with the family.
While there I took the opportunity to hire a bike for a few days and get out and about.

I planned early starts every morning and was out before the sun was properly up and back in for breakfast at 9! This still gave me a maximum of 3 hours to enjoy the early morning warmth and sunshine with some great roads and stunning views across the Med & inland to the hills. Speaking of hills, there were two which stuck in the mind. One was a leg-breaking 1 mile at 22%, while the other was a great 4 mile climb with loads of switchbacks with a fast, flowing run down the other side.

Now i know what it’s like to not cycle with the constant threat of rain!

The final highlight of last year was an 80 mile ride from Glasgow to Perth for charity.
This took in some roads I have never been on, a horrible section near Gleneagles when I felt like quitting and getting the train home followed by tea and cake in Aucherarder. Needless to say the last leg of the ride was a breeze thanks to the Glucose-doping, despite another legbreaker of a climb.  But I have never been so happy to see a Builder’s Merchant, which marked the finish line, in all my life.

So that was a quick look at some of the stand out rides of 2014.

I hope to get a few more and more regular rides in 2015…


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