Time to gear up

Sometime readers of this blog may be aware of my sometime passion for cyclocross. It’s not really a sometime passion- I think it’s the best-kept dirty little secret about cycling and I love. Except it’s not much of a secret anymore when you read how popular the discipline is becoming.

The ‘sometime’ relates to how often I get to enjoy the ‘cross on TV or, more realistically, on the internet. More importantly this ‘sometime’ also relates to the amount of time I to spend on riding cyclocross and sliding around at the back of Scottish CX races.

So, to borrow an acronym, time to htfu, get some hard training and some fun rides in, commit to some races and get out there.

It’s time to gear up.

Well, maybe in the morning…

A wishlist of races-

8 Nov Strathclyde Park
22 Nov Lochore Meadows
29 Nov Plean
6 Dec Irvine Beach
17 Jan Rouken Glen
24 Jan Doonbank Trofee
7 Feb BPGP
21 Feb Dig In


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