Disgusted, of Rutherglen

Dear sir,

Further to your recent comments regarding your intentions toward cyclocross racing this season, may I kindly point out the following

A) Leaving important bike repairs, of which you were aware, to the morning of a race, is not advised.

B) Having to drive to a bike shop for replacement parts on the morning of a race, is not advised.

C) Driving to a race expecting to easily fit said parts in good time before the race, is not advised.

D) DNSing a race and driving home in a cream puff because you completely failed to fit said parts, is not advised.

All in all, your actions (or should I say ‘lack thereof?) on Sunday and on the days prior, were inexcusable.

Are you aware of the cliché fail to prepare: prepare to fail?

Well never have I seen a better example.

I understand you intend to race on 29 November?

Well, as the saying goes, get the finger oot, don’t be a prat, and make sure you are ready.

Yours in cyclocross

Disgusted, of Rutherglen.

Strathclyde Park CX results here.


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