Sandstorm – Scottish Cyclocross Championships 2015

Christ that was hard.

Slippery mud section at start/finish – check
Slippery uphill with a  kicker at the top – check
Big dipper – check
Slippery off-camber I – check
Slippery off-camber II – check
Valley of Doom – check
Run-up of Doom – check
Bumpy nonsense – check
Slippery off-camber III – check
Doonhill – check
Short sand section – check
Long sand section – check

And then repeat… repeat… repeat…

I have ridden a few cross races in my time, but never have I worked so hard to be totally off the pace and dead last by a mile.  This was one tough course.

Last season I was able to ride some decent starts to keep me in touch  with the rear of the pack at the very least, if not riding a bit further ahead. Today, and at Plean, saw me relegated to chasing myself around the beach quite quickly, with any hope of a race oot the windae within minutes. I believe that is called regression. I then spent the rest of the hour wondering what the hell I was doing there. Some small positives came from the fact I was able to handle the off-camber sections better than I have done in the past, but these are mere crumbs of comfort. It’s safe to say I was beyond rank rotten today.

Well done to the guys and girls of Walkers Cycling Club for an excellent event and my thanks to Billy Bilsland Cycles of Glasgow for getting my bike in good working order. (Shame about the guy riding it).

And congratulations to the various newly-crowned Scottish Cyclocross champions:

Senior Men – Grant Ferguson
Senior Women – Lucy Grant
Men’s Vet-40 – Gary McCrae
(and the other category winners!)

Results here

The next Scottish ‘cross races make up the Mull double-header, which I won’t be riding, so my attention turns to the South Lanarkshire series of ‘cross races and the Superquaich, from Januay to March. All being well I will ride 6 races across these two series and look to make some progression during this period. Easier said than done, of course, but there is only so long you can ride at the back!

race no477



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