CX World Cup Rd 2: Waterloo

Waterloo, as you may well know, is a town just to the south of Brussels. It’s probably most famous as the site of a decisive battle between the forces marshalled by the Little General, Napoleon, and the combined might of the UK, the Netherlands, and several German kingdoms and Duchies. All fought on this tiny, […]

CX World Cup Rd 1: Jingle Cross

What kinda name is that for a cross race? I mean it’s not held at Christmas and I am pretty sure they don’t make riders or spectators cut about wearing spurs. The Iowa City race used to be held in December and has gradually been moved forward in the calendar until it landed in September, […]

Cyclocross World Cup 2017-18

2016 Womens Worlds Champs Podium; Mani, De Jong, Cant   It’s been quite a while since I posted on here. (A statement which I have posted regularly since I started writing Moto3). Over the last couple of weeks I spent some time thinking about this blog and previous content, and I decided to get some […]

The Biggest Crit – Criterium du Dauphine

Tomorrow is the first stage of the French regional stage race in the Dauphine, a beautiful region in the French Alps and home to Potato Dauphinoise (mmmmm). The Criterium du Dauphine lasts eight days, making it shorter and less promiment than the better known big brother, the Tour de France. I use this term big […]

Almost on top of the world – Thalita de Jong

A few months back I spoke to the, then, freshly crowned Dutch womens cyclocross champion Thalita de Jong. Within days of our interview she would go on to win the World Championships at Zolder. The following was featured in the ‘Dig in at the Dock’ programme, so for those of you that missed it, chance […]